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Whole Beef

Whole Beef

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For those who don't want to share a cow - 400+ pounds of beef.  It comes with all the cuts of steak, roasts & slow cooker cuts, offal, and ground beef from a whole cow. 

Please be aware that half of this order is ground beef.  That is how much comes on a cow.  We maximize the number of steaks we get from each cow - but there are only so many filet, ribeye, NY strip, and other steak cuts per animal.  

Steak cuts on a half cow include: filet mignon, ribeye, NY strip, flank, skirt, hanger, sirloin, chuck-eye, denver, bavette, sierra, teres major. 

The slow cooker cuts include: brisket (2 halves and 1 whole), tri-tip, chuck roast, short-rib, cube steak, oxtail and stew beef.  There are more roast cuts that could be made, but we find that few people cook these cuts.  

Offal cuts included are: Liver, and heart or tongue.

Ground beef makes up about half of every box and we request an 85% lean, 15% fat blend from our butcher.  We find this mix works for just about everything you need to cook.


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