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Half Beef Share

Half Beef Share

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1/2 share of a cow - 200 to 240 pounds of beef.  It comes with all the cuts of steak, roasts & slow cooker cuts, offal, and ground beef you find on a half cow. 

Please be aware that half of this order is ground beef.  That is how much comes on a cow.  We maximize the number of steaks we get from each cow - but there are only so many filet, ribeye, NY strip, and other steak cuts per animal.  

Steak cuts on a half cow include: filet mignon, ribeye, NY strip, flank, skirt, hanger (1 per cow), sirloin, chuck-eye, denver, bavette, sierra, teres major.  We include 1-2 cuts per box (2 boxes come with this order).

The slow cooker cuts include: brisket (halves), tri-tip, chuck roast, short-rib, cube steak, oxtail and stew beef.  There are more roast cuts that could be made, but we find that few people cook these cuts.  

Offal cuts are not included in every box.  These cuts are: Liver, and heart or tongue.

Ground beef makes up about half of every box and we request an 85% lean, 15% fat blend from our butcher.  This mix works for everything you need to cook.


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