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Beef Subscription Box - 6 Orders = Half Cow

Beef Subscription Box - 6 Orders = Half Cow

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A half cow in 6 convenient deliveries.  Each delivery box contains 34 to 40 pounds of beef.  6 of these orders gets you a 1/2 cow (we're working on a recurring order option). These boxes come with a selection of 1-2 cuts of steak, roasts & slow cooker cuts, offal, and 15-20 pounds of ground beef.   Most families of 4 will need a box every 4-8 weeks.  We rotate each customer through all 6 boxes so you will get every cut that comes on a half cow in 6 deliveries.

  • Dry-Aged & 100% Grass-Fed: Delicious and high nutritional quality
  • Free Delivery within all delivery zones
  • In stock and delivery available within 2-10 days
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