TRUC is a family farm dedicated to bringing the best 100% grass-fed beef to your table

Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished, processed at a USDA inspected facility, dry-aged 14 days to provide you the highest-quality beef possible. We serve the north Atlanta markets including Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, John's Creek, Milton, and nearby communities through deliveries and local farmers markets. We hope to help connect you with locally raised, high-quality, environmentally friendly beef.

Our Story

The Rural Urban Connection started in 2020, when our family was looking to find a source of locally-raised, high-quality beef. After finding the few local options available were sold out, we worked with our family to build a grass-finishing operation on our family farm.

As we learned more about the art and science of grass-finishing beef, we discovered regenerative agriculture. It is amazing how the right management can heal the soil and ecosystems while raising healthy, high-quality, nutrient dense food. Expanding regenerative agriculture outcomes has become a fundamental part of our mission.

Our farm exists to bring tasty, high-quality grass-fed beef to customers in Atlanta and surrounding communities.

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Beef Subscription Bundles

Want the benefits of bulk beef without the need for a large freezer or the risk that your power fails? Our subscription boxes give you all the benefits of buying a half or whole side of beef without the risk. Order your first bundle today secure your supply of our 100% grass fed and finished beef today.

  • Seriously, the best beef I've ever had. I didn't know beef could be this good.

    We are so glad we found a local farm that raises great, grass-fed beef. We also appreciate that they raise the cattle in a way that helps the environment.



  • Our family loves the convenient beef bundles from TRUC. We get a regular monthly delivery and it works great! Each month we get steaks, ground beef, and slow-cooker cuts. It's easy and we love the high-quality beef.



  • We love TRUC's beef! It's the only beef we eat anymore. It tastes great and we like that it is raised to be clean beef. That it is raised on pasture, without chemicals, medications, or grain.



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