If you want to fire up the smoker, but a 6-8 pound brisket is too large, then consider smoking a chuck roast.

Most people think of chuck roast as the typical cut for pot roast. However, it makes a great piece of meat for the smoker!

A chuck roast has a very similar flavor and texture to brisket. At 2-4 pounds it is a smaller cut of meat. That means it takes less time to cook and costs less. If you are new to smoking meats, it is also a good way to build up to smoking a whole brisket.

We recently tried out this chuck roast recipe and liked it. here is a similar recipe on video (ignore the Certified Black Angus…more on that marketing gimmick in a future post).

You Tube Recipe:

Short version:

  • Let the Chuck Roast come to room temperature

  • Season with your preferred smoking rub

  • Smoke at 225 F for 2 hours per pound of meat

  • Wrap in peach paper when the internal temperature is 170F (optional)

  • Let it rest for 1-2 hours after cooking

Here are a few things we learned and liked:

  • Use the longer cook time at the lower temperature (2 hours per pound at 225 F)

  • We liked the sweetness of a Kansas City Rub

  • No mustard? No problem

  • A longer rest is fine

  • The chuck roast was even more tender after being in the fridge overnight

Let us know what you learn or like as you try out this recipe. Get one of our 100% grass-fed chuck roasts today!

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