The weather is cooling! Saturday football is back! It’s almost FALL!  With the cooler temperatures, we get to enjoy lots of different recipes.    

To help you celebrate fall, we have pulled together a list of recipes and a fall kitchen challenge to stretch your culinary skills. This will be a fun challenge to prepare and enjoy! We hope that this challenge and post will make it easy for you to try some new recipes and maybe find some new fall favorites.

Fall Kitchen Challenge

  • Week 1: Cube Steak Philly Steak Sandwiches

  • Week 2: Kabobs & Chuck Roast: Kabob (or stew) beef is great on the grill as kabobs or do it with as easy BBQ burnt ends and do a BBQ or smoked chuck roast

  • Week 3: Short-Rib: Short ribs are great braised or smoked

  • Week 4: Beef Stew

  • Week 5: Cube Steak: Country-fried steak dinner with mushroom gravy?  Multiple recipes to choose from

  • Week 6: Bone-In Shank: This one is a test (which you will ace!).  Try out the beef shank in osso bucco.  Pick out a good red wine and sides.

  • Week 7: Sirloin Roast: Make a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings

  • Week 8: Chuck Roast: You made it chef! Celebrate with a simple pot roast meal

Recipe Links: It seems like a distant memory of COVID quarantine and cooking most of our meals at home.  The business of pre-Covid life seems to have come back in full! We’ve compiled some of these recipe ideas so you can have a delicious (and usually easy) home-cooked meal.  We have tried to find recipes that taste great yet aren’t very difficult to prepare.  Some of these are our own recipes, others are on our want-to-try list.  Let us know how they work out for you!

All of these recipes complement our Fall Kitchen Challenge bundles.  These bundles are 1 flat price and you get 2 cuts of beef.  Each include enough to feed 4-5 people for 2 meals.  If you are planning a party get extra bundles to feed all your guests.  All of these cuts are available for sale by the pound if you need more of one. 

Some of these cuts you may not know yet.  Once you have tried these recipes, I bet they will become new standards in your house. 

  • Cube Steak: Lean cuts of beef from the rump and sirloin roast.  Tenderized with 1-2 passes through a roller with blades to create a grid pattern of cuts in the meat.   If you have never cooked this cut of meat, you have missed out.  For people who grew up in the South (or have eaten at a Cracker Barrel, which is almost the same thing), cube steak is the main cut of meat in country-fried steak.  While that recipe is great (see Chicken Fried Steak below), there are so many other ways to prepare it.

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